Thursday, February 11, 2016

4 Outdoor Valentine's Dates for Edmontonians

It can be easy to want to stay warm and cozy with your significant other during this annual day of love. Like many other northern cities, Edmonton has opted to ignore the cold weather for years. But recently, it's come into its own, organizing multiple outdoor events that celebrate how magical this city becomes in the winter. So instead of staying indoors this year, decide to embrace the cold and do something unforgettable this Valentine's Day. Here are 4 original options that are sure to provide you with many exciting memories.

1. Explore Edmonton's first ice castle

Edmonton recently created its first ever ice castle, complete with neon lighting that make it look like it's surrounded by its very own northern lights. Find the ice castle in Hawrelak Park, a venue for many other winter attractions, such as the Silver Skate Festival. Save money by getting tickets online for $15.95.

2. Take a romantic walk

If you're looking for a free option that will save you money but be just as thrilling, Edmonton's river valley is a great location whether you're interested in winter hiking or just taking a romantic stroll through the woods. Bring a thermos of hot coffee or tea, some warm mitts and your camera to capture the serene, breathtaking experience.

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